An Easy New Braid To Try Now

It feels like everyone is rocking some cute variation of the classic braid this summer, and while we love the boho vibes, we wanted something that could work at the office and into the evening. Enter the reverse braided bun. Its incredibly easy and fast (we can do it on ourselves in under 3 minutes) and the result is a unique and polished ‘do that lasts all day and night.

Tool Kit

You Will Need


Step 1

Brush out your hair, adding a little leave-in conditioner or detangler if necessary. This style works best on straight and medium textured hair.

Step 2

Separate the top half of your hair starting just above your ears, and fasten out of the way.

Step 3

Starting at the left side of your head right behind the ear, take three evenly sized chunks of hair.

Step 4

Begin french braiding across the head, gradually incorporating strands as you go.

Step 5

As you reach the right ear, begin to curve the braid slightly up towards the top of the head and finish braiding without adding additional strands.

Step 6

Release the hair you had previously pinned out of the way, and comb it back as if you were making a ponytail. Being twisting the braid into the rest of the hair.

Step 7

Coil the twisted hair into a bun and secure with a hair tie.

Step 8

Pin the curve of the braid and the bun in place for extra hold.

Final Look

From the front it looks like a sleek, high bun, but from behind it has the added interest of a braid. Perfect for work or an evening updo.