The Best New Heat-Wave Beauty Staples

You know the drill: The forecast is a cloudless 90-degrees, you’re heading to a party where you’ll likely be sitting in the sun for hours (hello, 4th of July BBQs), and you’re wearing a cute little dress that just screams “weird tan lines.” When the only thing standing between you and a raging sunburn and sweat-soaked outfit are a few key beauty products, you need them to work. Like, really work. Here, 8 new heat-wave workhorses we stand behind and why.

8 Heat-Wave Helpers

A facial mist is a must-pack summer-handbag staple for cooling down and freshening up during a sweaty day. We especially love the heavenly coconut scent of this spray from natural beauty label Lavett & Chin.

A multipurpose makeup stick that you can apply to lips, cheeks and lids is just about the only makeup you're going to want to wear in extreme heat. Celebrity beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury's new sticks come in a range of bronze-y and rosy shades—we swear by them.

If you're famous for applying heavy-duty sunscreen only after you feel yourself getting burned, you'll want to start the day with this sunscreen-infused primer, which has a silky (not sticky) formula we're obsessed with.

When it's sweltering outside ditch the hot tools in favor of a texturizing spray that will play up your natural waves. R+Co's formula is a fave for two reasons: It's got a great scent that's not too beach-y, and it doesn't make hair sticky like some salt sprays can.

A morning swipe of your favorite deodorant stick is no match for a day in extreme heat. Pack these divine coconut-infused wipes in your bag for a midday pick-me-up that also happens to be free of harmful chemicals. Win-win.

Why part with your beloved mascara just because it's summer? This new topcoat formula makes any mascara waterproof in an instant. When you're changing into your swimsuit, just swipe on a coat or two, and you're good to go!

If your makeup is already infused with plenty of sunscreen, may we suggest another genius primer? This one actually cools skin as it hydrates and perfects, which comes in handy when you're battling a sunburn or a hot bathroom that's making you sweat (hey, we've all been there).

An oversize hat is a great add-on that'll protect your face from the sun while looking chic. That said, we're also digging this sunscreen-infused, incredibly lightweight blanket that can be draped over your shoulders or used as a beach blanket to ward off harmful rays.