The Best Moisturizing Hacks To Get You Through Winter

When the peak of winter hits, it’s common for what seems like everything on your body to become extremely dry. Chapped, dehydrated skin thanks to biting winds and indoor heating can plague even the most resilient cold-weather dwellers from their heads to their toes. Fret not, we are here to ensure you have all your bases covered when it comes to allover moisturizing. Ranging from hydrating scalp treatments to nourishing cuticle creams, these miracle agents work overtime to prevent a parched complexion, brittle nails and the itchy misery of winter.

Vanessa Jackman

For Your Eyes

Kiehl's eye treatment, infused with avocado, gently hydrates the delicate skin area around your eyes without irritation.

For Your Hair/Scalp

This hair and scalp mask uses deep conditioning qualities to repair brittle hair while healing and hydrating your scalp.

For Your Legs

This thick balm contains shea butter, beeswax and herb-infused olive oil that rejuvenates the dry skin on your legs and feet, while also alleviating minor muscle tension. Score.

For Your Cuticles

It's not just hands that suffer from cold and wind, cuticles can dry out just as quickly. Pay extra attention to them by moisturizing with this repairing and protecting formula.

For Your Hands

If the smell of roses and violets isn't enough, the velvety texture of this cream will be. It keeps hands feeling soft and protected for longer durations of time.

For Your Face

When it comes to your complexion, sometimes just a simple lotion just doesn't cut it. Help to keep your skin hydrated around the clock with this cream that creates a moisture-locking barrier, sealing hydration in.

For Your Lips

Just like you would apply a mask to your face, you can do the same for your lips. This formula instantly takes your dry or cracked lips and restores them to their smoother, fuller selves.

For A Quick Fix

For mid-day pick-me-ups, invest in a hydrating mist to spritz on your face or use as a décolletage. You can also apply before your moisturizing cream morning and night to increase dewiness.