The Best Makeup Brushes To Save And Splurge On

by Stephanie Montes

In the dizzying world of makeup brushes, it can be difficult to decipher what’s necessary and what is not. Where should you spend your money and where should you save? Here, we show you which brushes you absolutely need to own and give you the more affordable versions of a few of our favorite luxury buys.

Brush Up On Your Skills

Eye Shadow Brush

A dense, flat brush is perfect for packing shadow onto the lid. For maximum performance, use the side of the bristles to pat shadow on, rather than brushing with the tip.

Double Duty: Also works as a concealer brush to hide and buff away dark circles, blemishes or pigmentation.

Blending Brush

Once you’ve applied shadow in the crease of the lid, use a fluffy blending brush in a circular motion to soften harsh lines.

Double Duty: Use to apply powdered highlighter on the bridge of the nose, the cupid's bow and the cheekbones to achieve a perfect contour.

Eyeliner Brush

Use the flat tip of an eyeliner brush to push gel liner into the lash line to create fuller-looking lashes.

Double Duty: Use the brush on its side to apply lipstick, and use the tip to clean up around the lip with concealer.

Blush Brush

A smaller head or one with a pointed tip is perfect for applying blush on the cheekbones or on the apples of the cheeks. A big, fluffy brush tends to get blush everywhere, which makes you look flushed (in a bad way).

Double Duty: Apply powdered foundation in a circular motion to buff away imperfections on the surface of the skin.

Stippling Brush

For Oily Or Normal Skin: Get an airbrushed look by stippling liquid foundation onto your entire face before blending in a circular motion. Do not use this if you have a dry complexion because it exfoliates, which can leave behind a thick surface of dead skin and makeup.

Double Duty: Use to apply and blend cream blush onto the cheeks.

Foundation Brush

For Dry Skin: Use the bristles to apply liquid foundation onto the face and blend by pressing the sides of the brush onto the skin.

Double Duty: Hide stubborn dark circles and larger areas of pigmentation by patting liquid concealer on the area and building coverage as needed.