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Supporting small businesses is a must, now more than ever. Take boutique press-on nail brands, for instance. Aside from the fact that the vast majority are hand-painted by talented nail artists and created with higher-quality materials than that of drugstore options, they’re also a great way for indie nail salons to create another source of income . "Our conversion has been incredible," Rita Pinto, founder of Vanity Projects nail salon in New York City and Miami, tells TZR. "The press-ons have been so successful, in fact, that I've decided to keep them going as a permanent part of Vanity Projects even after this is all over.”

Custom press-ons are also supporting those who set the nail trends: self-employed nail artists. "There are tons of independent and local nail magicians making press-ons," Sarah Nguyen, New York City editorial manicurist and creator of Chrmd By Sarah, adds. "Yes, you can support larger brands, but we are the trendsetters and innovators who set the bar for the big brands who are watching!" And Nguyen is right. Artists at the helm of small press-on businesses are still proving innovators in the nail industry, and are teaming up with consumers for tailor-made designs that are bringing that salon experience home.

So ahead, check out 12 boutique press-on nail brands that are luxury, personal, and anything but mundane.

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Spifster

City: Chicago

The pre-made or made-to-order press-ons, are all completely hand-painted by the nail artist herself with high-quality gel polish.

Price: $85 to $100

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Pressed By Tiny

City: New York City

Perfect for those not afraid of length and glam, these customizable press-ons for "fly gals" only, are adorned with handmade decals and metal jewels.

Price: Available upon inquiry for design.

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Nails By Canishiea

City: Sacramento

While the California nail pro's studio is closed during quarantine, she's shifted her focus to press-ons. You'll never see anyone else wearing your nail design. Why? Because each set is personally made with no recreation for others. Talk about exclusive. Designs range from those inspired by Basquiat himself to abstract portraits.

Price: $90 to $115

Best Boutique Press-Ons: M.A.D. Nails

City: New Orleans

These adorable press-ons, available in natural lengths, include everything from hand-painted animal prints, french-tips, and glitter coated florals.

Price: $35 to $100

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Nailed By Cristy

City: Miami

Maria C. Sanchez, whose work has been seen on Claws and RuPaul's Drag Race, is creating the most badass press-ons that are embellished with jewels, money, and even tassels. Each nail, created with an Aprés gel extension base, can be reused time and time again.

Price: Available upon inquiry for design.

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Vanity Projects

City: New York City & Miami

Vanity Projects, the famed New York City nail salon, is shifting its focus these days with some intricate press-ons. "We're really trying to bring the Vanity Projects experience to the home," Pinto says. "We have our nail artists creating the designs from their homes on high-quality Aprés gel bases, and our in-salon gel polishes."

Price: $60 to $80

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Nails By TDang

City: Charlotte

For the nail lover that's not afraid of stepping outside the box, these designs, which range from fruits, rainbow drips, and even your favorite designers, are your go-to. Sets are available in all shapes from almond to coffin, and range from natural lengths to Cardi B-inspired lengths.

Price: $50 to $90

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Jane Safarian

City: Melbourne

This assortment of understated and chic press-ons, available in short-to-mid lengths, and almost 50 designs, can be reused up to five times with proper care and removal.

Price: $40 to $55

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Rave Nailz

City: Austin

The perfect combination of practicality and fashionability, these bold designs come with its own nail glue formula for the perfect adhesion. Crafted and coated on a more malleable nail base, with designs created with nail decals, we suggest stocking up on a few packs.

Price: $20 to $30

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Chrmd By Sarah

City: New York City

The New York City nail artist is allowing current and aspiring clients to customize press-ons adding her signature style of metals and rhinestones. "I launched these last month!," Nguyen says. Her favorite is the "Mystery Set," where she will freestyle a curated Aprés set based on her mood.

Price: $60 to $100

Best Boutique Press-Ons: Sparkle Nail Bar

City: Clinton, MD

You can select from an array of custom hand-painted press-ons that are marked by simple designs with a few additional accent nails to really take your manicure to the next level.

Price: $35

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Facile Nails

City: Montreal

Facile Nails offers reusable press-on nails that come in trendy and unique designs (think rose quartz swirls and milky-white tips). If you’re looking for an Insta-worthy lasting manicure, Facile is the brand to try!

Price: $14.12 to $17.83

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