The Benefits Of Clay: What Your Beauty Routine Needs Now

by Stephanie Montes

Look better than ever by infusing your beauty routine with the do-it-all ingredient that has been giving women smooth-as-butter skin for centuries: clay. Acting as a magnet, it absorbs excess oils, toxins and unclogs pores while moisturizing and hydrating the skin. Get our selects for the best clay-infused facial products, and if skincare isn’t your focus, we also rounded up some seriously great clay makeup for you as well. You’re welcome.

From Pottery Class To Your Beauty Shelf

Face Soap

The mix of pink and white clay in this vegan face soap hydrates and soothes irritation, while geranium, rose and avocado oils moisturize skin.


Get a natural-looking glow while feeding your skin with this antioxidant-rich clay formula.


Moisturize while Umbrian clay absorbs oils from clogged pores and calms dry, irritated skin.

Face Mask

Get a seriously deep clean with this weekly face mask that uses a blend of 4 different clays to detox skin from the inside.


Treat problematic skin while hiding imperfections with this kaolinite-clay foundation that moisturizes while absorbing sebum from clogged pores.