Team Zoe’s Secret Beauty Obsessions

by The Zoe Report

There are certain products that it’s safe to assume the majority of beauty-obsessed women own—a great mascara, face wash and lipstick being just a few. What we often find more interesting, however, is the lesser-known formulas and gadgets that are gracing the vanities of our in-the-know gal pals. We polled our team to share the secret hacks and out-of-the-ordinary products they swear by so you, too, can give these buys a whirl.

"I'm secretly obsessed with drugstore razors. As someone who writes about beauty I should probably own some fancy, quadruple-blade, electric, pulsating contraption but I just feel like shaving cream and a brand-new Bic Classic gets the job done." —Megan Gustashaw, Editorial Director

"My mom told me to use hydrogen peroxide as a toner when I break out to help clear things up quickly. After throwing a skeptical eye-roll in her direction, I have to admit that it works really well, and the bubbly sensation is oddly satisfying." —Jaclyn Decell, Community Manager

“I swear by putting Neosporin on everything! I swipe some on after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs and soothe the skin, and it also works great in healing blemishes.” —Marisa Runyon, Director of Brand Partnerships

“I’m not down with panty hose but I am an advocate of flawless skin, all over. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (yes, leg makeup) is the perfect solution—I apply when I’m hitting the town in a skirt or dress, and especially when I know there are going to be photos taken. Once you get over the fact that you’re essentially putting foundation on your legs, it’s totally worth it.” —Kristi Mikesky, Fashion & Beauty Editor

"This cream is magic for dryness, razor burn and beyond—and you can find it in the baby aisle. Just a little goes a long way." —Samantha Sifantus, Lead Developer

"I add a few drops of frankincense oil to my basic body lotion when my skin is particularly dry. It's soothing and smells so refreshing!" —Kendall Cohan, Product Development Associate

"Juicy girl talk somehow always results in me recommending laser hair removal. I hate shaving! My skin is pretty sensitive so when I shave my legs, they almost always end up super irritated. This at-home device is a godsend—it stops hair growth and has even made my hair thinner. I'm not going to lie, it hurts—but you know what they say, 'pain is beauty.'" —Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"I'm obsessed with individual cluster lashes. I add one or two clusters to the outermost corners of my upper lash line, then cover with mascara so they blend in. The effect is subtle, but I always feel more glamorous and very '60s." —Shannon Nash, Fashion & Beauty Editor