Team Zoe’s Favorite Hollywood Beauty Icons

by Stephanie Montes

Maybe it’s a sidewalk glimpse of a crisp cat eye. Or maybe it’s full-on fringe envy from the salon chair. Beauty inspiration can strike at any time. But when it comes to finding your own signature style, the fuel often comes from Hollywood, whether present day or looking back 20, 40, even 50 years. Here, Team Zoe reveals the glamour icons—from Brigitte Bardot to Sienna Miller—they channel for their own hair and makeup looks.

Beauty Muses


Brigitte Bardot

"Brigitte Bardot is the epitome of effortless, sexy glamour. Brigitte always had the perfect smoky eye, the perfect pale lip, the perfect hair that always looked like she had just woken up and was never too done. And always that gorgeous sun-kissed skin with a few freckles."

—Rachel Zoe, Editor In Chief


Anita Pallenberg

"Anita Pallenberg in the '60s and '70s! Her choppy blonde lob, messy bangs and smudgy, sexy eye makeup make her the ultimate bombshell. She was too busy gallivanting around with rock stars to bother looking perfect. She’s definitely my hair muse, but her overall bohemian approach to beauty is one I always to try emulate."

—Kristi Mikesky, Fashion and Beauty Editor


Sienna Miller

"Sienna Miller, mainly because she's a bubbly blonde and a makeup chameleon. Whether she's rocking a wine lip and old-Hollywood waves or a navy smoky eye and disheveled beach hair, she always looks confident and cool."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director


Sophia Loren

"Sophia Loren in the '60s is my ultimate girl crush. She always had such great hair, especially when it was windswept and completely effortless. Her eyebrows were always perfectly groomed and her skin was flawless. The one feature of hers that I try to emulate on a daily basis is her impeccably winged cat eye."

—Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor


Jane Birkin

"I'm not much of a beauty girl, so I've always been in awe of Jane Birkin. She's proof that you can look just as glamorous with a fresh face, heavy fringe and air-dried hair, which is great since I don't own hair tools and generally apply my makeup (concealer and mascara) at red lights."

—Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager


Anna Karina

"I love the new wave French look, especially doll eyes. I wouldn't say I've tried to copy it to a T, but it has definitely influenced me. I love a cat eye and I currently have a bob!"

—Christian David, Art Director


Priscilla Presley

"Priscilla Presley's look on the day she married Elvis: Her cat eye—which I try to channel on a daily basis—is the ultimate."

—Shannon Nash, Fashion and Beauty Editor