Team Zoe’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Ever wonder which cult favorite beauty buys Team Zoe staffers keep on-hand at all times? We asked 17 RZ HQ employees and they dished, along with a few must-know tips and tricks that are sure to intrigue you into trying one (or five) out for yourself.

Team Zoe's Best Kept Beauty Secrets

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Beauty To-Go

"I'm obsessed with Clinique's chubby sticks in Broadest Berry and Curviest Caramel... I keep them in my bag at all times. You can re-apply them all day long without caking and overdying. Plus, the applicator acts as a fat pencil so there's no need for lip liner." - Rachel Zoe

Hydrated Hands

“I love all of Aesop's products but have become completely addicted to the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. The fresh botanical fragrance makes me feel like I am at the spa, and I love how hydrating it is without feeling oily. I take it with me wherever I go!” - Lauren Blakeley, Product Development Manager

Multi-Purpose Oil

“Nuxe dry oil on everything... In the bath, on dry skin or hair after showering. An unnamed supermodel introduced me to this forever ago, telling me it would make the boys wild. It does." - Jill Lincoln, Styling Director

Sugary Scrub

“I love LaLicious' exfoliating sugar scrub! Smooth, hydrating results guaranteed." - Kendall Cohan, Product Development Associate

Highlighting Pen

“I've been addicted to this pen for a decade because it covers under eye circles like a dream, and is the perfect highlighting tool for anyone who is shimmer-averse (like myself)." - Nicky Deam, Editorial Manager

Volume Booster

“I know this sounds crazy but people fairly often ask me if they can touch my hair and I usually let them because Joiwhip gives my hair just the right amount of volume and hold without creating a hard texture. I apply the mousse to my wet hair and blowdry it up and give it some texture with some pomade.” - Jordan Silver, Marketing Manager

Fresh Scent

“This is my latest obsession: Kai’s deodorant. It rounds all the bases and smells fresh. It’s a product I plan to keep around for a long time.” - Scott Riddell, Digital Director

Great For Sensitive Skin

“This face wash extends beyond a face wash to me. I often find myself out of something (usually on vacations) so I use it as body wash, shaving cream and shampoo for my bangs. It's so economical you can buy bottles in bulk and use it as a backup for whenever you need some suds. Fun fact, it's gentle and best for even the most sensitive of skin." - Sarah Aguas, Digital Sales Director

Summery Scent

“I once asked a friend who was consistently tan what her secret was and she clued me in on the magics of cocoa butter lotion. Sure enough, used every day after the shower my skin never hits the pasty color it should after months of NYC winter. While I've tried many lotions with cocoa butter, I prefer the classic Palmer's for its yummy summer thought-enducing smell." - Julie Jakoubek, Digital Sales Director

Firming Foundation

“Really particular about texture and this Armani one has the best texture ever. I've tried so many different types of foundations that made me feel oily or my face feel waxy. This one goes on smoothly and does not look like you are wearing heavy make up." - Christian David, Graphic Designer

Neutral Shadow Sticks

“I have been using this shadow stick for years! It is very affordable, and is offered in an array of neutral shades. It also doubles as an eyeliner and eyeshadow so it is perfect to keep in your handbag for a quick fix throughout the day! It has great staying power too... I walk out the door in the morning and it still looks great at dinner time!” - Pamela Glassman, Business Development Director

Beauty Balm

“Rosebud Salve! Love to use it on my lips & cuticles. Smells great and is super hydrating." - Lindsay Pogemiller, Styling Assistant

Quick Beauty Fix

“I'm obsessed with Aquaphor. I use it during the day on my lips and even as a moisturizer in the winter. I have a million of them scattered around my apartment, car and desk so I'm never left without." - Morgan Mack, Executive Assistant to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

SPF Must-Have

"The older I get the more care and consideration I give to my skin. This lightweight, non greasy sunscreen is perfect for days at the beach." - Tyler Piluzza, Senior Content Manager

LA Made Skincare

"I've been exfoliating with Raya's microdermabrasion cream once a week for 8 years now. Apply a light moisturizer after and you'll look 3-4 years younger instantly. Made in LA and affordable." - Tom Balamaci, General Manager

Soothing Shave Cream

“I love using the Aramis Lab Series shave cream because it has an amazing numbing agent as well as it softens even the toughest beards. Contains aloe and caffeine to reduce irritation and promote renewal." - Ron Troxell, West Coast Advertising Director

Facial In A Bottle

"I started using Sonya Dakar's Flash Facial a few months ago, and the name couldn't be more fitting. I just leave it on for a few minutes after washing my face at night and my skin is noticeably smoother and brighter afterwards. It's magic." - Jaclyn Decell, Community Manager