#TBT Beauty – The TopsyTail

There are many beauty trends that should be laid to rest, (we’re looking at you, black lipliner) but some just need a little reinterpretation to resume their rightful place in your beauty arsenal. Case in point: the TopsyTail. Lose your preconceptions about the informercial favorite of the ’90s, and get on board with this twist, pun intended, on the low ponytail. The result is more Chloé than Clarissa-Explains-It-All. Pair with a minimal outfit and natural makeup and you’ll turn heads.

Step By Step

Step 1

Start with a low ponytail, keep it moderately loose so you have some wiggle room. This looks best on straightened hair, but a half-ponytail in wavy hair has a bohemian vibe.

Step 2

Loosen the hairtie and create a hole in the middle of the head so that you can see through to the neck.

Step 3

Pull the end of the ponytail up towards the head and feed it through the hole you just made.

Step 4

Pull the entire ponytail through, this creates the twist along the sides of the head.

Step 5

Gently pull apart the twisted sides so they look slightly imperfect, and finish with a little hairspray.


From Head To Toe