Breakthrough Beauty: Tatcha’s Indigo Collection

Give irritated winter skin a run for its money by making a necessary investment in the latest beauty breakthrough from Tatcha: the Indigo Collection. Available today, this unique compilation of creams for the complexion, hands and body will literally transform your skin with the help of an unlikely ingredient.

Known for its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory abilities, Indigo makes its way into three effective and innovative products from Tatcha. The Indigo Collection features a hand cream perfect for dry, chapped skin, a luxe treatment cream guaranteed to soften and soothe plus a silky body butter for all-over use. As an unexpected extra, each formula comes in a deep blue hue (that disappears almost instantly upon application) as a result of the compilation’s key ingredient, Indigo. Get your hands on these skincare staples as soon as you can. Trust us, we’ve never met a Tatcha product we didn’t fall head-over-heels for.

Availability: Tatcha Indigo Collection ($38-$98). For more information, visit Tatcha.com.

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