Tata Harper’s Beauty Rules

When she’s not on her farm in Vermont, running her natural skincare line and raising her little ones, Tata Harper travels the country, expanding her ever-growing business in spas and stores alike. We caught up with Colombia native on one such trip (a jaunt to the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara where her signature facials are a spa favorite) and drilled her on her DIY facial routine, beauty pet peeves and must-know cleansing tips. Get to know Tata in our latest edition of Beauty Rules, below.

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Go Green...Slowly

“A lot of people try to clean up their skincare routine all at once and they end up choosing the wrong products or having a bad reaction and then giving it up altogether. So I always say, swap one thing at a time. Start with the things that you use everyday, like cleansers and toners, and then slowly work your way through your medicine cabinet.”

Photo: @tataharper

Always Sample Products First

“Find the right products for your skin by taking home a sample and trying it for a few days. If you’re going to invest in good products, you want to make sure they work for you first.”

Photo: @tataharper

Don't Treat Skincare As A Luxury

“I'm trying to teach my daughters to get into the habit of taking care of their skin and forming a ritual around using products. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is not a luxury, it’s like brushing your teeth – you need to do it.”

Photo: @tataharper

Pamper Yourself Once A Week

“I rarely go to spas but I give myself facials weekly. I steam my skin using herbs and a hand steamer from Dr. Dennis Gross. Then I exfoliate really, really well using my Clarisonic and apply a facial mask. Once that’s done I tone using my NuFace and our hydrating floral essence, and then moisturize.”

Splurge On Cleanser

“Invest in a good cleanser that won't strip your skin of moisture. I meet so many clients that spend thousands on creams but then use drugstore cleanser to wash their skin. Soaps like that bring the pH balance of your skin really high, and when the skin’s pH is too high the barrier opens up and you lose all of your hydration. That’s why you feel so tight after you cleanse, because everything good just went out the door.”

Save On Eye Makeup Remover

“Non-harmful makeup removers are really easy to find and cheap to buy. Coconut oil is an amazing makeup remover. It leaves your skin soft and doesn’t clog your pores.”

Embrace Metallic Makeup

“I don’t wear a lot of makeup myself. I generally think women look better when they wear less makeup. That said, I’m really into all of the metallic eye makeup colors for summer. I use silver, rose gold and gold eyeliner. I think it gives you a nice accent without being too much.”

Nourish Your Hair While You Sleep

“My hair can be super-dry so the night before I wash it I use our Revitalizing Body Oil as a overnight mask. I put my hair into braid and then I pump the oil right into the braid so it’s kind of soaked with oil.”

Eat Foods With Beta-Carotene

“Find out what foods you like that are packed with beta-Carotene (think: apricot, cantaloupe, carrots, avocado, kale) and make them part of your weekly grocery list. Carotenes are amazing; they help build collagen and improve the thickness and durability of the skin.”

Photo: @tataharper

Add A Splash of Color

“I usually keep my hands bare but I use Priti NYC’s 5-free nail polish for pedicures. I tend to go for a cherry red color; I love the way it looks in the summer.”