Damage Control: Repair UV Ray Exposure

Enjoying the last throes of summer is great and all, but romping outdoors might have left you with a less-than-lustrous complexion. Even the most minor burns – a result of failing to reapply sunscreen with lightning speed – can result in major damage. Luckily, there’s a saving grace (5 of them, to be exact). These repairing products are designed specifically to sooth and kick UV ray-caused aging into reverse.

Turn Back the Hands Of Time

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger

Healing Salve

A decadent herbal concoction that calms stressed out skin and smells amazing, too!

Eye repair Emulsion

Chamomile, caffeine and seaweed extract are just a few of the sun damage-busting ingredients included in this extra reparative eye cream.

Deep Repair Serum

Though technically intended for use as a potent acne treatment, this strengthening serum also works wonders on a sun-damaged visage.

Depigmentation Spot Repair

Consider this handy vitamin C-spiked pen your magic wand against sunspots and discoloration.

Rescue + Relief Spray

Spritz this soothing mist all over your dermis after excessive sun exposure. Bonus points for combating pesky bug bites and general skin irritation.