Adventures In SPF: 15 Innovative Sunscreens To Try

While sunscreen is truly the most important beauty product to invest in, let’s get real: you don’t exactly get the same rush loading up an e-cart with protective creams as you might with colorful cosmetics and eye-catching nail colors, agreed? Make SPF shopping exciting for a change by checking out the latest innovations in suncare we back (think foams, balms and powders) that are just as effective as traditional formulas only a bit more fun to use! Well-versed in each evolutionary type—we tried them!—take our word to determine which protection potion is best for your skin type here.

Adventures In SPF

Shop 5 unconventional formulas and why we recommend them.

SPF Powders

Why we like them: powder-based SPF products are ideal for oily and problem skin types prone to acne. Typically available in an array of shades, powder sunscreen is also great for olive and tan complexions. A tried-and-true favorite of the office for its portable size plus clean and easy application, it's basically a dream come true for avid summer travelers and music festival frequenters. Not recommended for: dry skin.

Sunscreen Oils

Why we like them: cure dry sun-parched skin while simultaneously protecting with sunscreen oils. Whether you desire full-coverage care or crave a bit of a summertime glow (plus water resistance), this formula is fit just for you. The best part? These protecting oils absorb into the skin instead of sitting on top of it, assuring major moisture withought greasy results. Not recommended for: oily, acne-prone skin.

Sunscreen Balms

Why we like them: Sunscreen balms protect, while providing skin-perfecting benefits... What more could you want? Our favorite formulas come in heavy, moisturizing formulas with seriously beneficial perks—think anti-aging properties plus light tints for flawless, BB coverage. Not recommended for: oily skin.

Sunscreen Foams

Why we like them: Foaming formulas are light and absorbant, making them great for a day spent in the sand or in and out of the water. Best for naturally oily skin types and the more active jet-setter, we highly recommend this unconventional SPF product. Not recommended for: dry skin.

Sunscreen Aerosol-Free Sprays

Why we like them: Aerosol-free sprays are super convenient for on-the-go travelers and provide ample coverage, no matter what you're up to in the sun! This category of fresh SPF product ranges, providing perfect options for protection no matter what your skintype is. If you crave more moisture, we recommend Yon-Ka's face and body spritzer. For acne-prone skin, give Coola's cocktail-scented sunscreen a go! Recommended for all skin types.