Banish Acne Once And For All With This Magic Mineral

We must confess, when we have a pesky pimple, we’d do anything short of selling our soul to expel the devilish dot. As beauty editors, we’ve rummaged the shelves and are happy to report that with every pimple-punishing product win, one unexpected ingredient consistently rises to the occasion: sulfur. But what exactly is sulfur, and why does it work so well?

Sulfur, is an all-natural ancient Roman beauty remedy fittingly hailed the “beauty mineral” for loads of reasons (for one, it promotes collagen production—très important for anti aging), but what fun is a youthful complexion when blistered with blemishes? This antiquated mineral, when applied topically, zaps zits sinfully fast. When applied directly to the skin, sulfur “acts like a sponge to draw oil out of blocked pores,” says Dennis Gross, a New York City dermatologist.

From age fighting masks to overnight spot treatments, here are our best bets to exfoliate skin and unclog pores for a glam glow that’s nothing shy of heavenly.

Perhaps the most mystical find of all, this drugstore steal can be applied as a full face mask or as an overnight spot treatment, ringing up at under five bucks.

At the first sign of an unwelcome visitor, conceal the area with this maximum strength potion for instant overnight relief.

Pre-makeup, prep your skin with this tinted treatment tonic that protects and heals your skin throughout the day.

Ditch the pore-clogging gunk, and elevate your makeup routine with this sulfur-based concealer that diffuses imperfections.

While addressing acne, this gentle overnight mask aims to reduce pores, minimize blackheads, and enhance clarity all while you catch some z’s.