Luxe Sun Protection At Your Fingertips

by The Zoe Report

Whether a quick stroll or multiple time zones separate you from the beach, one thing you’ll inevitably need for all seaside excursions is some sun-safe backup. A worthy contender? Soleil Organique’s new travel clutch, packed with a double dose of SPF brews.

Confession: we generally approach sunscreen with a function over fashion approach—just promise to shield us from harmful rays and we’ll love you blindly! However, Soleil Organique’s compact clutch changes the game, bringing the glam to the SPF world. Encased in the sleek carrier is the brand’s Soleil Du Midi 100% Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen and Soleil Du Midi SPF 30 Spray to ensure you’re protected regardless of which application you prefer. Sunning smart and looking chic has never been so easy.

Availability: Soleil Organique travel clutch ($395) available for pre-order on SoleilOrganique.com.