Lighten Up

by The Zoe Report

If you feel like a lifetime’s worth of sun-filled days and late nights just caught up with your complexion, don’t despair! Even during your skin’s most unforgiving moments, the less-than-chic scenario is no lost cause thanks to skyn ICELAND’s new White Cloud Spot Corrector.

A potent lightening complex enriched with a natural blend of antioxidants and minerals, this powerful age fighter brightens uneven skin tone and turns back the clock on fine lines. Formulated to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production—just a twice-daily application will return you to fresh-faced perfection. Loves! The next time you’re feeling less than luminous, ditch the dull skin and get your glow back on the spot.

Availability: Skyn ICELAND White Cloud Spot Corrector ($55). For additional information, visit skyniceland.com.

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