Yes, You Can Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

You hear the virtues of exfoliation extolled by beauty aficionados, derms, and seemingly everyone with enviably clear skin. It’s essential for a complexion that looks radiant, glowy, and even in tone. But for the sensitive-skinned among us, exfoliating can feel like an exclusive club we can’t belong to. Just the word exfoliate can send shivers down the spine of someone whose past attempts to buff and slough have only resulted in red, angry, irritated skin. Fortunately it’s possible to promote cell turnover and reap the benefits of exfoliation without the fear of ruining your skin. Here, 5 products that always get the job done.

Photo: Courtesy of Context Skin

Exfoliating Cleanser

This two-in-one cleanser and gentle exfoliator polishes and removes dead skin cells as it washes away dirt and makeup. Antioxidants in this cleanser combine to protect skin against free radicals, while botanical oils make skin radiant and boost antiaging.

Glycolic Peel

For deeper exfoliation once a week, apply a glycolic peel like this cult-favorite overnight version that revives dull, ruddy skin while you sleep. It’s especially great for helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Lactic Acid Mask

This creamy, hydrating, and non-abrasive mask sloughs away dead skin, while fruit enzymes help stimulate additional cell turnover. It also contains conditioning ingredients to soothe your complexion and reduce sensitivity.

Wash-Off AHA Gel

This soothing gel formula employs alpha hydroxy acids to deep-clean pores and leave skin tighter and brighter.

Rice Enzyme Polish

This powder-to-foam rice enzyme formula is a water-activated exfoliant that balances dry, sensitive skin.