5 Beauty Trends So Weird You Just Had To Google Them

2016 was an empowering year for the beauty industry. From CoverGirl’s announcement of its first male ambassador to innovations in modern anti-aging treatments, we’ve seen one groundbreaking trend after another in editorials, on runways and even in our local salons. But like every year, this one also introduced a few oddball beauty fads—some of which we’re still trying to figure out. Here, a roundup of the skincare and makeup experiments that had us Googling for answers.

Homepage photo: Imaxtree

24K Gold Facial

In preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk and Alessandra Ambrosio shared selfies wearing 24K gold masks that have been said to correct wrinkles and improve skin texture. Most of these metallic beauties run $100 or more, but that's just the price of wearing gold on your face.


Fire Cupping

Yes, this is the therapy behind those red and purple circular marks you saw on athletes like Michael Phelps during the Rio Olympics. The suction-cup technique is said to reduce stress, promote blood flow and bring out a natural radiance. Hey, anything for that youthful glow, right?

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LED Light Therapy

This treatment has multiple benefits—helping fight inflammation while promoting cell regeneration for starters—another win for youth! It's basically a miracle worker according to those who've attempted the futuristic therapy (after all, NASA technology has taken part in its development).

Spray-On Nail Polish

So this one isn't really all too weird. Actually, it's quite self-explanatory, and if you find yourself helpless in the art of the mani-pedi, it's a pretty innovative solution. These nail polishes basically work like spray paint, and while they don't provide you with salon-quality work, they're not too shabby for a quick and smooth nail makeover.


Vampire Facial

If the image above doesn't scare you away, prepare yourself for the vampire facial. In an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, Kim tried this procedure, which involved a doctor taking blood from her arm and injecting it into her face. (How are you still reading this?) Apparently it makes you bleed and cry—and because you already do this every month (thank you, Mother Nature), why would you put yourself through another day of suffering? Oh, the lengths we go to.