This Beauty Tool Has A 50,000-Person Wait List, And You’ve Probably Never Heard Of It

by Stephanie Montes
Ivan Lattuada

When it comes to looking younger, fresher and more vibrant, it’s no secret that we’ve turned to some wild skincare devices to get the job done. And apparently, we’re not alone. A representative for Ashley Black’s cellulite-fighting body roller FasciaBlaster—which claims to break down fat cells for an even tone and lifted result—confirms there’s a 50,000-person wait list for her latest offering, the $99 FaceBlaster gift set. It’s designed for, yes, the face—especially to target those hard-to-reach areas under the chin, along the jawline and around the cheekbones.

Ashley claims that after a single use of these devices (shoppers are limited to five per order!), you can see less cellulite on the body or more definition on the face. With a wait list that long, she must be on to something. Watch her tutorial on how to use the FaceBlaster here, and find out how you can (eventually) get your hands on one here.