8 Beauty Products That Beat The Heat


As much as we love spring and summer, dealing with the heat and humidity is never fun. Our skin usually gets the worst of it and our routines need to change in order to have a decent beauty day. Thankfully, there's a few things we can keep stashed in our bags in order to literally beat the heat. From oil blotting sheets to deodorant wipes, you'll want to jot down all of these necessities.

Makeup remover wipes are always great to have available, but these coconut-infused ones are game changers. They're super hydrating and won't strip your skin away from any of its essential oils. You won't be left feeling like you irritated your skin rather than actually cleansing it.

You can never go wrong with a handy face mist. Use this to prep your skin before wearing any makeup, setting it afterwards or refreshing throughout the day. Either way, your skin will thank you later.

If you don't want to apply a heavy sunscreen lotion, try a mousse instead. You won't have to deal with the clammy feeling or white overcast that many SPF lotions can leave behind and it's streak-free.

Another summer beauty staple that you definitely can't forget are oil-blotting sheets. Dab these on if you spot a little bit of shine or feel oil production throughout the day. You'll be left looking brand new!

Carrying deodorant around all the time isn't the most ideal situation, so pack some wipes instead. Not only are these super refreshing but being able to toss them out once you're done just makes your life way more convenient.

Our skin could always use a little cooling down after a long day in the sun. This greek yogurt-inspired lotion will heal any extra warm areas and help calm redness.

Don't neglect your lips and remember to apply some SPF on them too. This cult-favorite lip balm already smells just like summer but it protects your pout under or above lipstick, or all on its own.

Just because it's hot out doesn't mean you need to ditch the mascara. This sweat-proof formula was made for those humid days and won't budge in the harsh climate. Just swipe two coats on and you'll be stunned at how well it works.