Things All Women With Super-Soft Skin Do

When winter’s cold winds whip up, itchy, flaky skin sets in, but the last thing any of us want to do is say goodbye to a smooth, radiant complexion. Adopting a full-body skincare routine may be well worth it in order to avoid any seasonal rough, dry patches. Here, tips for attaining a perfectly hydrated glow from head to toe (and maintaining it all year round).

Alessandra Ambrosio. Photo: Getty Images

Keep Things Smooth

The first step to great skin starts in your shower. Swap your traditional body wash with a more hydrating option to encourage moisturized limbs.

Exfoliation is key for avoiding any flaky, itchy areas and keeping your skin buttery soft. Try dry brushing, which is a lymphatic massage that gets your blood circulating while buffing away dead skin. Another option (or addition) is a scrub or body polish that you can massage on in the shower, and wash off afterwards.

This one's obvious: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Chances are you already have a body lotion that you've grown to love, but if it's not getting the job done switch to a more intensive option to repair affected areas.

Lastly, body oil is a great product to impart the illuminating look we all desire. Essential vitamins and minerals infused into different formula can help seal in moisture all day long.