The $3 Japanese Tool That Gives You Perfect Skin

by Stephanie Montes

We are constantly on the lookout for anything that promises a flawless, glowing complexion–which we’ll admit has included sifting through a plethora of pulsating, spinning and scrubbing devices. But as it turns out, the secret to perfect skin is to take it back to basics via a good old cleanser and your hands. We know what you’re thinking: so where does the tool come in?

This mesh cloth looks like an unravelled loofah, but unlike the one meant for your body, it’s not meant to scrub your face–it actually works as the middleman between your cleanser and your skin. Squeeze a tiny drop of product into the mesh and work it into a lather with your hands. The mesh creates a dense foam which gives you a deeper clean and allows you to use less product (which also happens to be cost-effective). Who knew $3 would be such an important investment?