7 Tips For Getting Supermodel Skin

It’s no secret that supermodels have some of the most radiant, glowing skin we’ve ever seen. (Seriously, it’s literally the reason they’re able to be photographed for a living.) While genetics certainly play a role—and we’re jealous—they’ve definitely picked up a few good habits to keep their skin’s health in great shape. Here, we list skincare tips we’ve learned from the biggest It girls in modeling at the moment. Take notes.


Taylor Hill: Coconut Oil

The Colorado native knows a thing or two about climate change, but one product has proved to be her savior: coconut oil. She previously told us that it's how she keeps her skin hydrated and never has any dryness in sight.


Bella Hadid: Men's Face Wash

We expected Bella Hadid's secret to perfect skin to be something along the lines of wearing minimal makeup, but we were wrong. The tremendously popular model actually swears by men's face wash to keep her complexion clear.


Kendall Jenner: DIY Spot Treatment

Ever since Kendall launched her app, we've learned that she's quite the DIY master. The star has been open about her journey with acne since her teens, and she's mastered the perfect at-home spot treatment for that as well. Her mixture of lemon juice, baking soda and honey will set you back less than $10.


Stella Maxwell: Essential Oils

Essential oils seem to be everywhere as of late. This Victoria's Secret model explained that she switches them up depending on whether she's in a humid or colder climate to help her skin adjust better.


Elsa Hosk: Ice Baths

Elsa told us that in her homeland of Sweden they carve a hole in ice, bathe in it and then enter a sauna. The practice had the model considering cryotherapy, since the popular beauty trend was meant to help with circulation and inflammation.


Gigi Hadid: $4 Scrub

Gigi has sworn up and down by this drugstore face scrub that was probably your favorite cleanser in middle school. She says, "It's been around, because it's the best."


Candice Swanepoel: Green Tea Cleanser

Candice recently shared that she snags her go-to cleanser at Whole Foods. She loves the green tea–infused product because of its antioxidant properties for diminishing pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.