This ’80s Supermodel Looks Insanely Young With This Antiaging Routine

by Stephanie Montes

When it comes to skincare, supermodels are privy to the best of the best—tips from industry pros and a rotating arsenal of groundbreaking antiaging products. So what happens after 30 years of such diligent care? Joan Severance, the 58-year-old model who’s graced campaigns for Revlon, Maybelline and Chanel, steps in front of the camera for Vogue.com‘s Beauty Secrets series to show us. In the video, the beauty (who looks incredibly fresh bare-faced) runs through her current skincare and makeup regimen, which includes some tricks for living with vitiligo—a skin disorder that causes loss of pigment. Joan tells Vogue that in high school she “[got] up two hours early to put on a full face of makeup and do full hair” to hide her condition, but nowadays, she utilizes a less-is-more approach. If that’s not the secret to aging gracefully, we don’t know what is.