How To Undo Summer Damage To Your Hair, Skin And Nails

Our hair, skin and nails get a real workout in the summer, and not in a good way. From days of intense sun exposure to celebratory nights that involve a lot less sleep, we put a lot of stress on our bodies and therefore our beauty looks. Now that summer’s sadly coming to an end, it’s time to take charge and put those beauty routines into full rehab mode. Refresh and get glowing with our ultimate post-summer beauty guide.


Summer Beauty Rehab

For Dry, Damaged Hair

It's normal for your hair to feel parched given the amount of UV exposure it's been through. Incorporating a hydrating mask into your hair routine at least once a week can work wonders.

For Dry, Flaky Skin

Although SPF can help keep your skin smooth throughout summer, it isn't enough. Use a body polish to exfoliate flaky skin that may be a result of your fun in the sun.

For Sun Spots

One of the worst things about summer is the risk of sun spots. If you already have dark spots on your skin, you know that sun exposure only exacerbates them. Try a brightening mask to keep them at bay.

For Dry, Cracked Feet

From days in hot sand to nights on the town, your feet can get a little rough during the summer. Exfoliate and moisturize to avoid cracking.

For Damaged Cuticles

Believe it or not, your nails can get the short end of the stick during the summer. Revive and smooth your cuticles with a repairing cream.

For Chapped Lips

You should be wearing SPF on your lips every day. If you neglected it over the summer, start wearing a lip balm with UV-blocking qualities ASAP.

For Uneven, Patchy Skin

Rough patches are not a good look. Try a gel moisturizer for more advanced hydration than a typical lotion.

For A Dull Smile

Even summer's lighter, cooler fare (blueberries, blackberries, iced coffee and tea) can take a toll on your teeth, causing discoloration. Brighten up for fall with some whitening strips.