Why This Popular Drugstore Face Scrub Is Facing A Lawsuit

Anyone who desires baby-soft skin has been told at one point or another that the secret is exfoliation. This may have led you to try the ever-popular St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which might even continue to be a staple in your beauty routine. Last year, the scrub became controversial due to its use of walnut shell. Although it’s a favorite of supermodel Gigi Hadid, this gateway to a glowing complexion can actually create microscopic tears in the skin causing redness and inflammation, according to some dermatologists.

In late December, two consumers filed a lawsuit against St. Ives claiming just that. The two plaintiffs state that the scrub has caused long-term skin damage and clogs pores, promoting acne. Quotes from skincare professionals are being used in the case to back up these statements, and there’s a growing consumer backlash across online communities such as Reddit.

The lawsuit is a big deal because the unassuming scrub is really, really popular. Thanks to its $4 price tag and celebrity endorsements, the world has been quick to try it. In all fairness, its efficacy comes down to each individual’s unique skin type; if the scrub has remained a top seller for such a long time, it’s obviously working for a lot of people. Therefore, it’s hard to claim that it’ll have a negative effect on everyone who uses it. A good pro tip is to patch-test the product on your arm to see exactly how your skin reacts to its ingredients, which goes for this scrub as well as any future additions to your skincare arsenal.