These Skincare Products Work Better Than Needles

While some of us are fine to go under the knife or allow a needle to prick us in the name of beauty, not everyone is into invasive and non-invasive beauty procedures. Let’s face it, these services can get pricey and aren’t in everyone’s budget. Ahead, we’ve shared some products that target the same concerns as some A-list treatments—and work like a charm.

John Salangsang/BFA.com

No Needles Needed

Alternative To: A Facelift

This tool may look a little odd, but it works miracles. We’ve tried it ourselves and the two opposing wheels roll together to work to lift your face. Do it on your jawline, cheeks and even your forehead for a much more lifted and smoother appearance. Be warned, it isn’t the most smooth experience.

Alternative To: Neck-Lifting

Your neck and décolleté area are two parts of your skin that you should never neglect. These days, we spend so much time hunched over on our cell phones, that we can form premature wrinkles or sagging. This neck-perfecting complex helps tighten and smooth the area via powerful ingredients.

Alternative To: Botox

This treatment is meant to mock that of filler. The first step is a gel treatment that includes a precision applicator that is placed directly onto your wrinkles, and allowed to absorb for ten minutes. The second step is a nourishing film that acts as a barrier of protection and skin-smoother.

Alternative To: Botox (Again)

As an added boost for smoothing out the texture of your skin, we’ve also included this mask. This cult-favorite is designed to fill in wrinkles and fine lines for a more supple, youthful appearance.

Alternative To: Juvederm

Our under-eye area is extremely delicate so it’s prone to puffiness and darkness moreso than other areas. While many people opt for an under-eye filler of some sort, you can start preventing issues with eye masks. This retinol-infused mask is about to blow up your Instagram feed, but will also work magic to smooth out and calm the sensitive skin area.

Alternative To: Lip Filler

We bet you’ve probably thought of what it’s like getting lip filler, considering it’s all anyone talks about now a days. The super popular procedure continues to be one of the top trends in beauty, but it’s not for everyone. Try a lip-plumping serum to help the volume of your lips to help make them appear more smooth and full.