10 Mistakes Girls With Great Skin Never Make

Many of us with stubborn skin issues envy those with naturally gorgeous, glowing faces, not knowing that achieving complexion nirvana isn’t impossible—or altogether difficult. Yes, good skin starts with a solid skincare routine, but you have to figure out what works specifically for you. Women with great complexions do have a few things in common though, and it happens to be that they all avoid certain blunders that can really mess with your face. Here, ten mistakes girls with great skin never make.



We're led to believe that being more abrasive with products makes them more effective, but this can actually worsen matters. Exfoliants can damage our skin if they're too rough. Stick to a gentler option for daily use to get the same benefit.

Sleeping In Makeup

As cliché as it sounds, this rule of thumb still stands true. Sleeping in your makeup allows grime and bacteria to seep into your pores. C'mon, people, this one is too easy to avoid.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Good skin really does start from within. Your skin can suffer from dehydration especially in the morning, after having zero water intake while you slept. Drink plenty of H2O to avoid a dull, dry complexion.

Skipping SPF

Sunscreen should be applied to your face year-round, not just during summer. UV rays are present even in cooler temps, which means that SPF should be part of your everyday skincare routine.

Not Cleaning Their Makeup Brushes

Another beauty blunder we're all guilty of: skipping out on cleaning our makeup brushes every now and then. Truth is, we have to do it regularly whether we feel like it or not. Who knows what bacteria can be lying around? And we definitely don't want to be dusting that onto our faces.

Picking At Their Skin

Rather than picking, poking and stabbing at a pesky zit on your face, consider treating it. There are plenty of solutions available to get the job done safely, and you won't be left with any scarring.

Not Changing Their Pillowcases Frequently

Sleeping on the same pillowcase for weeks at a time can reactivate acne and other skin issues. We all get tempted to just hit the sack, but pillowcases can house a ton of dirt and oil from your skin and hair.

Letting Anything Touch Their Face

Everything from our cell phones to our sunglasses can harbor a ton of bacteria from our everyday activities. Give any item that touches your face a quick wipe-down to eliminate acne-causing agents.

Using The Wrong Products

Reading labels and being cautious of ingredients can save you a ton of time and money. If something isn't meant for your skin type, do not buy it just because it's popular. Figure out what works best for you. If you're entirely unsure, seek out a skincare expert to determine your skin type.

Not Using Disposable Makeup Applicators

You can't keep your applicators forever just because you love them so much. It's not sanitary, and it's awful for your skin. Using disposable makeup applicators is the way to go—plus, they blend your makeup flawlessly into your skin.