The Only Shaving Hacks You’ll Ever Need

by Stephanie Montes

Sure, it’s freezing outside, but that’s no excuse to constantly don a winter coatand we’re not talking about the one hanging in your closet. Keep your legs stubble-free and smooth as silk, no matter how low the temperature drops, by utilizing these six genius hacks that make the shaving process easier. If you’re hit with an unexpected sunny day, you’ll be able to reach for that higher-hemmed skirt without having to second-guess yourself.

Courtesy of Christian Louboutin Beauté

Get Leggy With It

If you shave your legs first thing, you're doing it wrong. Make it the last step in your shower routine to allow the steam to open up your pores and soften your hair, giving you the closest shave ever.

For an even closer shave, soak in a warm bath with a few teaspoons of olive oil before breaking out the razor. This softens the hair and prevents pulling and irritation.

It's a common go-to, but swapping your traditional foam for a coconut oil will give you a better shave. Natural oils are extra-moisturizing and leave skin refreshed and without irritation.

When your razor blade gets dull (after about five shaves), it's more likely to cause bumps and trap bacteria, which can lead to infection—but we'll admit we've overused a razor on more than one occasion. If you ever do the same, dab a milk-soaked washcloth on your legs to soothe irritation.

There's nothing worse than trying to heal a razor nick minutes before having to throw on a dress. If you cut yourself in the shaving process, use a waxy lip balm to instantly stop the bleeding.

We once did this in a pinch, and truth be told, we never looked back. A man's razor will give you a super-close shave because it's made for coarse hair. Just make sure you borrow a fresh one.