This Is The #1 Eye Treatment At Sephora

We like frills…if they’re designated to our clothing, that is. When it comes to our skincare, however, we like to keep things easy and to the point. Bring on the products that simply deliver on what they promise, right? For this reason, we’re big fans of doing our due diligence in researching and vetting the 155,000,0000 “buzzy” beautifiers out there to make sure the ones that touch our faces are the real deal. Because, to be honest, pretty packaging and a gimmicky name will only take you so far in life. So, when a report hit our desk about the No.1 eye treatment at Sephora, we had to know more. Was it a pricey cream that would cost a month’s rent? Was it one of those thick serums we’d have to slather on every night and massage into our skin for a month before we saw results? Nope: It’s eye patches. And, get this, they cost a whopping $25. We’re officially intrigued.


Yep, apparently, Peace Out Puffy Eyes is making quite the splash at the mega beauty retailer. Designed for tired peepers (so, all of us), the bio-cellulose patches treat dryness, dark circles and, that's right, puffiness. According to the brand, the patch fibers are 1,000 times thinner than human hair, so they conform nicely into the grooves and contours of the under-eye area and allow for better absorption of the treatment's antioxidant-packed solution.

Since it's our job to ask the hard questions and get the full story on these viral formulas, we deep-dived into the reviews of Puffy Eyes to see what consumers were actually saying. Here are the official numbers to date: Out of the 71 reviews, 59 gave the patches five out of five stars, 11 rated them four, three rated 3, none rated two and one (yes, one) user rated it a single star.

"Really liked the sample of Peace Out puffy eye patches," read one review. "Fragrance free with a nice adhesion so you can move around while wearing them. I have 3 kids, so getting to sit/lay down for 15 minutes is almost laughable. The eye serum absorbs nicely without feeling sticky. Definitely less puffy under eyes! I did receive these as a free sample from PinchMe, but have since purchased." Another impressed user raved: "The patches helped with my baggy eyes. They seem to have no smell and did not irritate my skin. I will continue to use this product so I can get long-lasting results."

Now, not all accounts were perfect. Other reviews were a bit mixed in terms of results. One Sephora customer claimed that the patches "felt nice and cooling," but there was "no visible difference in puffiness." Another user said the product, "definitely worked as it claimed to," but caused "a little bit of irritation." So there you have it.

This isn't the first Peace Out item to make headlines. Last year, the brand's inaugural Peace Out Acne patches made waves when it reportedly sold out of every restock within two weeks of its launch. (The saturated spot treatments are said to help fade blemishes in as quickly as six hours.)

Despite having just a handful of products under its belt, it seems Peace Out could be on the road to cornering the patch treatment market. In a recent interview, founder Enrico Frezza said the company is currently in development mode and working on a product expansion plan that will take them well into 2020. We're keeping our eyes peeled and we're definitely getting our hands on these patches to witness the reported magic for ourselves. Stay tuned.