The Tricks To Self-Tanning At Home Like A Pro


Now that we're planning our spring and summer vacations, sun-kissed skin is now a top priority. And since sun-damage is so not our thing, self-tanning is the obvious method of choice. With so many great at-home tanning options, it's easier than ever to get a flawless glow right in the comfort of your own home. Here, every step you need to take to fake the most natural tan of your life.


If you need to shave at all, get it done beforehand. Shaving after a self-tanner will literally strip the pigment right off and create streaks along those areas. Getting rid of stubble will also ensure that your tan will help your skin look even smoother than before.


Exfoliating may be the most important step in self-tanning. If you've gotten an airbrush tan before then you know this rule in the back of your mind. Getting rid of any dry or dead skin particles will allow the tanning product to spread evenly and flawlessly across your body and won't leave any patches.

Choose Your Formula

The most popular self-tanning method is mousse, and that's because it's the most lightweight. There are lotions, sprays and even oils nowadays to choose from. Test each texture on a small patch of skin to determine what's best for you.

Match Your Face

Not all self-tanning products that are for your body should be applied directly to your face. The product can be too thick for your pores and cause clogging, and some people prefer not to tan their faces at all. Instead, stick to a bronzing product such as a primer that will warm your face up enough to match your newly lit body.

Set It All

Just like your freshly done makeup, you want to set a freshly done self-tan. You can do this with talc-free baby powder and a fluffy makeup brush. Spread a generous amount your body and then lightly dust it off after about ten minutes.