Why Pore-Plugging Putty Is The New Beauty Trend

When it comes to skin care, pores are everyone’s worst nightmare. The battle to unclog them seems never ending. Apparently, that’s because we’ve been taking the wrong approach altogether. Enter: pore putty. It works by filling your open pores as opposed to emptying them out, which in turn is said to smooth out the surface of your skin, leaving it looking tight and even. You can wear the putty completely on its own, under your makeup as a primer, or even over it to give your face a matte finish. Peter Thomas Roth’s putty in particular claims to have long-term effects—reducing the size and appearance of pores overall. Our biggest hesitation here is that “plugging” your pores sounds pretty similar to “clogging” them, which is exactly what we don’t want to do. So yes, this product is completely contradictory to everything you’ve been taught about managing your pores, but if other products haven’t worked for you in the past, why not try it? Logic would suggest putting a clean product over your pores (rather than leaving them exposed to particles in the environment) would protect them from unwanted bacteria. Click through to see the best pore-plugging putties on the market and products that have similar effects.

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Adam Katz Sinding