Send For Help

by The Zoe Report

Since Labor Day signifies the end of summer, we think it is an opportune moment to make a few changes to the contents of your beauty cabinet—after all, your closet isn’t the only thing in need of seasonal updates! Adding to the Team Zoe fall wish list, Philosophy’s“Help Me” Sunscreen is just what one’s skin needs to transition into the cooler months.

While less daylight means it is no longer necessary to smother yourself in SPF 75, it is still crucial to shield your skin in the winter. Offering the ideal amount of protection, Philosophy’s hydrating formula is packed with a just-right SPF 30, so when you do find yourself in the sun, you’ll feel safe. To boot, the serum also acts as a retinol treatment that works at minimizing fine lines, hyperpigmentation and all other imperfections, bringing to light seriously radiant results. Is your face in need of a boost for fall? Don’t be shy to seek out Philosophy for a little help!

Availability: Philosophy ‘Help Me’ SPF 30 Sunscreen ($47). For additional information, visit Philosophy.com.

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