7 Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Oily Skin

Matteo Valle

We all live with our own particular skin concerns. If your nemesis is excess shine, the best way to fight back is to nail down the ideal skincare routine. But because we are human and imperfect, we’re all prone to making mistakes. Here, the bad habits to avoid when catering to the needs of your oily complexion.


These Habits Are Making Your Skin Oily


Harsh cleansers can disrupt the balanced state of your skin and actually cause more oil production. A gentle foaming option, twice a day, is the best way to go.


The same goes for exfoliating—being too abrasive can stimulate oil production. A physical exfoliant such as an exfoliating brush, used once or twice a week, cleanses your skin without disrupting it. If using an exfoliating scrub, look for one without alcohol.

Using Drying Toners

While toners are an essential part of any skincare routine, they can make your skin appear shinier. Look for alcohol-free toners meant to balance the skin, as opposed to powerful astringents.

Ditching Your Moisturizer

Oily skin isn't a reason to fear moisturizer—you still need a daily dose of hydration. A light moisturizer such as a gel will help you avoid that greasy feeling you get from too-rich creams and lotions.

Skipping Primer

A primer is a great way to keep your makeup from looking shiny throughout the day. It fills your pores and creates a matte, airbrushed finish.

Using The Wrong Foundation

Stay away from foundations marketed as luminous, dewy or radiant. These have light-reflecting particles that will intensify your shine. Opt for matte foundation, whether liquid or powder, after applying a primer.

Avoiding Oils

A common misconception is that those with oily skin should avoid facial oils. However, plenty of these products can actually improve the condition of your skin. Many have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help keep excess oil from forming.