Far Away Fragrance

by The Zoe Report

Disheartened now that summer’s exotic vacations are behind you? You’re not alone. But we found a solution to keep the far-and-away sentiments alive throughout the fall season: Odin EDP’s 08 Seylon. The newest addition to the label’s decadent fragrance library, this wanderlust scent is sure to hold you over until your holiday vacay.

A calming blend of rich, earthy aromas, 08 Seylon carries Odin’s modern approach to unisex fragrances with an emphasis on travel as a source of inspiration. Balancing the citrusy top notes of orange and bergamot with spicy base notes, like oakmoss and vetiver, 08 Seylon transports us to the wild landscapes of Sri Lanka with just a simple spritz. So, nab a bottle of Odin’s latest scent to secure your own exotic excursion—all it takes is a few sprays and a little imagination.

Availability: Odin EDP 08 Seylon Fragrance ($165). For additional information, visit Odinnewyork.com.

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