The Most Innovative Beauty Tools Of 2018

by Stephanie Montes

You may be privy to all the latest tips and tricks, and you may invest in the most expensive products, but unless you have the most innovative beauty tools on the market, you’re unlikely to achieve the best results possible. So to make sure your skincare routine is supercharged, your makeup is flawless and your hair has that extra something, we’ve rounded up six tools that will take your routine to the next level. From brand-new gadgets to updated old favorites, this is what your vanity needs ASAP.


Tools Of The Trade

We're obsessed with this smart blow-dryer that has tons of features. Not only does it look sleek in black with rose-gold details, it digitally controls five levels of heat and two speeds, including a volume booster switch that adds texture and volume. It even has an auto-pause sensor that allows you to put down the dryer and pick it up without having to switch it on and off.

Sometimes your body needs more than a Pilates class. This brand-new tool is a handheld, at-home machine that infuses your skin with tiny electric currents, pulsing the muscles. The design is perfect for giving difficult-to-target areas like your arms, abs and derrière a lift when your regular workout can't.

Our favorite peach-fuzz removal device just got a face-lift and it's better than ever. Eliminate facial hair, exfoliate, slough off dead skin cells and create the perfect canvas for makeup with the at-home dermaplaning device.

If sheet masks are a staple in your skincare routine, you'll love this reusable silicone option. Apply your favorite skincare products and lock in the moisture when you follow them with this face wrap.

Designed to mimic your fingers (they even have faux fingerprints on them), these silicone applicators give your makeup a flawless finish and are a much more sanitary option. Pointed tips are perfect for applying in hard-to-reach areas.

Creating the perfect cat eye can take hours of practice and unlimited amounts of makeup remover. This rollerball design (it almost looks like a mini pizza cutter) makes it easy to apply your liquid liner in a straight line every time.