This New Beauty Invention Will Make Your Skin Feel Baby Soft

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

A beauty junkie’s go-to for softer, brighter, clearer skin is none other than the sheet mask. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a sheet mask is an individually packaged, single-use serum-soaked cloth with cutouts for your eyes, nostrils and mouth that leaves you with a sopping-wet, super-hydrated complexion. Okay, now that we’ve completed Sheet Mask 101, on to one that blew this self-proclaimed connoisseur’s mind.

Nannette De Gaspé’s Restorative Techstile Face Masque lands on my desk packaged in a sealed pouch, just like its many counterparts. I add it to my stash and (despite its impeccably luxe-looking design) think nothing else of it. When my Sunday morning ritual of face masks and good bad TV rolls around, I dip into my stash and pull it out. The first thing I notice is the pouch has a resealable top like a Ziploc bag (you’ll soon find out why). The next thing I notice is the mask is completely dry—seriously. It’s not until this moment that I actually read the description. It says, “Although dry to the touch, the powerful formula penetrates through layers of the dermis, resulting in a smoother, tighter, more radiant complexion.” I’m not kidding when I say I read it three times in a row. I pop it on while staring at my own confused face in the mirror.

I’m skeptical about the whole thing, but proceed to slip the extra cutouts behind both of my ears and lightly massage my face to activate the ingredients. It feels like I’ve placed a dry paper towel on my face, but I immediately fall in love with how secure it feels. Since it’s not wet, I don’t feel the need to stay completely immobile—but I do anyway (it’s Sunday morning, after all). Fifteen minutes later, the mask is still dry and I assume I’ve just wasted my weekend-ritual time.

But when I remove the dry cloth, there are literally no words. My skin is moisturized, but not wet—it’s as if I applied a really hydrating face cream and it absorbed, leaving my face soft and plump, glowing but not shiny. Here’s where things get interesting again. Because it’s not wet, the mask won’t grow bacteria or mold, so the resealable top means you can fold it up and store it for a second and third use. The verdict? I’m sold, and you can bet I’ll be coming back for seconds.