Why You Never Knew You Needed A Serum Until Now

by Michelle Guerrere
Courtesy of Shiseido

We all know about the health benefits of plant-based-eating this and regular-exercise that, but did you know that you actually need to feed and fortify your skin, too? Because after all, strong skin is healthy skin. And although most of us are diligent about slathering on moisturizer and sunscreen, there’s another step we should all be incorporating into our daily routines—and that’s applying a face serum.

If you’re wondering why you need to add yet another step to your skin-care regimen, allow us, in partnership with Shiseido, to explain. Serums, which you apply directly after cleansing but before moisturizing, are superlative at making sure active ingredients permeate deep down into the skin to work as effectively as possible. And there’s one serum in particular that doesn’t just enhance other products; it provides its own skin-saving benefits, too.

Courtesy of Shiseido

A Skin-Saving Serum

Enter the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Shiseido’s number one powerhouse serum - and one that just got a lot more powerful. The new formula actually has the ability to make your skin 28 percent stronger (and thus smoother-, firmer-, younger-, and healthier-looking) in just one week. (Now if only we could find a workout class that impressive.)

The benefits don’t stop after seven days, though. When you continue to apply two pumps of the Ultimune serum to your clean face, both AM and PM, your skin will keep getting stronger and better able to fight off daily damage from things like pollution, stress, and even a lack of shut eye. Its power lies in its ingredients, which have been specially reformulated with ImuGeneration Technology—a botanical extract blend made from reishi mushrooms (to help minimize signs of aging) and iris root (to moisturize). Add an ImuCalm Compound of rose and lotus, and you have a serum that not only protects skin but also keeps it calm (the soothing scent doesn’t hurt, either).

Oh, and one more thing: This paraben- and mineral-oil-free serum absorbs quickly into skin to leave behind a silky-soft texture that’s a perfect canvas for makeup. So you don’t even have to create a new beauty routine—the serum even works under foundation. Consider it the perfect addition to revamped skin-care regimen.