This Best-Selling Skincare Product At Target Is Only $5

Samantha Deitch/BFA.com

Target never disappoints when it comes to its beauty section. While there are plenty of new and exciting products to test out, there's also a great range of tried-and-true classics to choose from. One old-school item in particular is not only a best-seller but also a favorite among celebrities: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

We know how important it is to remove our makeup each day in order to maintain healthy skin and clear pores, but we all have those nights when it just feels like too much work. Using a wipe before bed is better than falling asleep with a full face of makeup on. In fact, Kim Kardashian West has even said she keeps this particular pack by her bedside for just such a lazy moment. A quick swipe targets makeup and dirt and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Apparently, Target customers agree, hence the product's status as a longtime sales star. Oh, and we can't ignore the fact that a pack costs all of $5. There's no losing here—stock up on this fan favorite today.