This $10 Lotion Is The Only Thing That Helps Me Sleep At Night


I have major trouble falling asleep. So when I hear my peers in the beauty biz raving that Lush Cosmetics' Sleepy lotion is everything an insomniac has ever hoped for, I'm ecstatic at first, but hesitant. Can a small pot of moisturizer really be the answer to my restlessness? I've heard essential oils can help one relax and reduce stress, but nothing about heading off sleepless nights. But after enough tossing and turning, I decide to give it a go. After all, it's only $10, so what's to lose?

The purple lotion has a delightful, sweet scent of lavender and vanilla that isn't overbearing for those of us with sensitive noses. I apply it to my hands, neck and décolleté every night for a week straight. Each time, after lying in the dark for about 15 or 20 minutes, I'm out.

The combination of lavender, almond oil and oatmeal is said to soothe the senses and calm the body to sleep—which is exactly what happens for me, for a full eight hours!

I'm not alone either. It's such a viral hit that what began as a limited-edition product for Lush has now become a regularly stocked item. Still, better act fast as Lush continues to have trouble keeping it on shelves. See it here, and find more of our favorite sleep-assisting beauty products below.