This Cult-Favorite Moisturizer Was Inspired By Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was an icon in more ways than one. Along with her royal status, she was a humanitarian by nature and a beloved public figure. Her effortless beauty led her to become a style muse for women everywhere, and her famously glowing complexion still inspires—most recently in the form of a best-selling moisturizer by Lush Cosmetics.

Courtesy of Lush

Lush co-founder Mark Constantine once met Diana and she happened to have her favorite moisturizer on hand. The encounter inspired him to create the formula for the brand's cult-favorite Gorgeous moisturizer. It's filled with pineapple and orange blossom honey water for a velvet-like texture that hydrates your skin to perfection. It has a higher price tag compared with most Lush moisturizers (it'll set you back $88), but we need to remember it was made with royalty in mind. If it's fit for Diana, it's surely fit for us.

Lush Cosmetics Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer, $88