Spanx For Under-Eye Bags Now Exist, And We’re So Here For It

Antonello Trio/IMAXTREE.COM

Let’s face it, none of us are immune to puffy, visible under-eye bags. Living in a world that is obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance could help explain why we’re always looking for new antiaging products or considering cosmetic procedures. Well, now a new antiaging technology has surfaced, and it’s one that we’re so into. The internet is currently buzzing about “liquid Spanx” for under-eye bags. Those of us who’ve stocked up on shapewear know the wonders it can bring to our figures. The thought of being able to tuck in underneath the eyes sounds like one of the most appealing beauty treatments to date. The masterminds behind the technology are also the scientists responsible for Living Proof’s product line.

Olivo Labs’ Robert Langer, co-founder of Living Proof and MIT chemical engineer, formulated the under-eye compressing technology. The face-contouring film works to tighten and smooth the under-eye area for up to 24 hours. An applicator is used to apply two layers of the treatment, and once it dries you’ll see the magic happen. All it takes to remove it from the skin is an oil-free makeup remover. According to WWD , beauty brands are already looking to license the technology in order to make it available to the public. Watch the video below to see the antiaging development in action.