The Crucial Skincare Product You Need In Your Beauty Arsenal

As much as we hate to admit it, we definitely play favorites when it comes to our beauty products, right? Think about it: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of products you can’t do without? We’re gonna venture to guess that list includes red lipstick (or nude, depending on where you land on the bravery scale), mascara and tinted moisturizer or foundation. Our list is similar—with one new addition that we hate to say flew under the radar for far too long: toner.

For many, toner is one of those add-on, impulse purchases we haphazardly occasionally make as we’re exiting the beauty supply store—with little to no thought put into the role it plays in our skincare routine. Well, if you weren’t already aware, this little makeup wonder is actually pretty vital. We’d even venture to call it a non-negotiable. Here’s why it should be at the top of your beauty shopping list—and not underestimated ever again.

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Why You Need A Tone Up

Warning: Skincare science lesson ahead. In addition to picking up any excess dirt and debris on the skin, toner also helps keep the pH levels in your skin in check. Cleansers can often strip your skin of natural oils which can throw said pH levels out of whack, making your skin work overtime to get that balance back (which can lead to excess oil and subsequent breakouts). Toners—especially those with ultra-hydrating ingredients—can restore that balance quickly and keep your pH levels in harmony. So, a little post-cleanser toner sweep across the face can go a long way.

While we still have you on the science train, we're gonna throw another fun fact at you: Toners can actually serve as a protective shield against external contaminants. They help tighten pores and keep those environmental aggressors at bay. Coupled with a solid SPF, you have an airtight skincare regimen on your hands.

Toner is a great makeup ally, particularly for those of us that use a lot of powdery face products. Spritz some toner on your finished makeup look to give cakey, dry makeup some much-needed hydration. Your skin will have a nice dewey, radiant finish, and we all want that, right?

We know this an obvious one, but we had to say it for the sake of saying it. Toners can be just as useful in the hydration department as your fave serum or moisturizer. Many (like the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner featured in our spring Box of Style) are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like witch hazel, coconut extract and rose extract, which keep your skin supple and soft.

For those of us with busy schedules and/or regular 9-5 gigs, a mid-day facial just isn't an option. However, toner can serve as the next best thing. In lieu of washing your face, try keeping a bottle of hydrating toner at your desk or in your purse to spritz on when you need to freshen up. You'd be surprised how revitalized your skin will look and feel with just a couple spritzes.