Kendall Jenner Just Revealed Her Top 2 Skincare Necessities

With fashion month officially kicking into gear, our favorite models will be trotting from catwalk to catwalk across the globe. If you’re wondering how they do it, Kendall Jenner is here to help: She just shared her fashion week survival guide in an interview with Estée Lauder. The beauty brand’s spokesperson says that when it comes to traveling for fashion month, her routine always starts with hydration and a clean base.

For starters, Kendall doesn’t wear makeup on days leading up to a show, in order to let her skin breathe, and she increases her water intake a significant amount. As for what products she keeps on her at all times during the month, she relies on two moisturizing staples: an antioxidant-rich face cream and a lip conditioner. These help keep her skin protected, as she’s constantly getting makeup reapplied and removed throughout the month.

While the rest of us aren’t exactly heading down a runway, these tips are great for any time you’re traveling. Give your skin a break and keep it protected for a supermodel-worthy glow.