How To Treat Hyperpigmentation Like A Dermatologist

Is that red spot from last month’s breakout still peeking through your makeup? Us too. Hyperpigmentation comes from cysts, sun exposure, aging and seems to plague our skin forever. While there is no quick cure for eliminating this pesky problem, there are a plethora of serums, gels and treatments that fade discoloration. We’ve rounded up the most effective and dermatologist-approved of the bunch.


The GloPRO Microneedler is a great tool to keep in your skincare arsenal especially if you are struggling with acne scars and can’t make it to an in-office appointment. Dermatologists approve of its patent red LED light technology and VibroTactile Stimulation that work synergistically to kill bacteria and increase cellular turnover. With continued use, skin is left plumped, bright and free of acne scars all from the comfort of your couch.

Dermatologists everywhere agree that peels are a crucial component in combating and permanently erasing hyperpigmentation. This peel contains 25 percent AHAs and 2 percent BHAs to slough off dead skin cells and helps refine the overall complexion. It also harnesses the power of soothing matcha and vitamin C-spiked apple, so it won’t cause irritation- even for people with sensitive skin.

When trying to fight sun damaged skin and other hyperpigmentation issues, it’s important to take preventative action on all fronts, not just topically. Enter The Beauty Chef Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost, a potent elixir that uses a high dose of antioxidants to prevent free radical damage as well as prebiotics and probiotics to balance gut health for a naturally even-toned complexion.

With a potent blend of antioxidants, SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense is one of the best products to brighten the skin and fade dark spots. Dr. Sarah Sawyer explains, "This product is revolutionary in the prevention and reversal of dark spots due to its use of kojic acid and niacinamide that work together to break up melanin clusters and prevent further discoloration.”

This lightweight, heavily infused serum is a favorite among dermatologists because it works to lighten pigmentation without irritating the skin. Containing an exclusive blend of red and brown algae, this formula quickly absorbs into the skin to break down existing damage. For improved clarity, use morning and night.

La Roche-Posay Active C10 aggressively targets and corrects hyperpigmentation and age spots. “It contains topical vitamin C, which is one of the most well studied key ingredients to help fight against free radical-induced photodamage and provide anti-aging benefits,” says leading dermatologist, Dr. Annie Chiu, MD.

All dermatologists know that religiously applying serums and creams won’t permanently eradicate your face of hyperpigmentation if you aren’t consistently using SPF. The sun’s rays trigger new hyperpigmentation damage and can worsen existing issues, so we recommend using a formula like Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF 50. It contains green tea, ferulic acid and other antioxidants that protect against the harmful UV and UVB damage as well as environmental aggressors.