The One Thing You’re Doing That’s Ruining Your Skincare Products

by Stephanie Montes

Whether we’re trying to fight off fine lines, dark circles, sunspots or acne, we rely heavily on our skincare products. But what if we told you that you could be causing all the ingredients in your products to stop working completely? As horrifying as that may sound, it’s totally possible and it could all be due to the way you store your products. Ahead, the places you should never keep your skincare products—that is, unless you want your entire routine to go to waste.


You're Storing Your Products Wrong

If your vanity is positioned near a window, store your skincare products in a drawer or in a darker spot. Sunlight can break down active ingredients in your skincare products and make them less effective—especially those in clear bottles.

Moisture is the enemy of all beauty products, especially creams and masks packaged in jars. Steam from your shower can create moisture in the air and ruin open jars of product (it can cause microbial growth). Also, be extra careful with items like shampoo, conditioner or cleansers that are kept in the shower and may get water in them by accident, as this can breed mold and other bacteria.

Storing certain products in the fridge can extend their shelf life, especially natural brands with fewer preservatives and more perishable ingredients. But make sure to keep them in a separate drawer where you can regulate the temperature, not randomly placed on shelves.

Speaking of storing products in a cool place, you want to make sure it's not too cool. Never put items in the freezer or on a window sill in the winter. Freezing products can cause separation of the ingredients, which could have an adverse reaction on your skin.