How To Get Model-Worthy Legs Without Working Out

by Stephanie Montes
Getty Images

Just because temperatures are cooling down and your minis are being pushed to the back of your closet doesn’t mean you should stall your beauty efforts when it comes to your legs. But before you hide them under a pair of palazzo pants, try our tricks for faking supermodel stems without even working out. From blurring creams to makeup, these tips will have you ready to go bare. After all, the holiday season is coming, and one can’t let a sparkly party dress go to waste.

Bella Hadid. Photo: Getty Images

Legs For Days

Shave Your Legs

First things first: It's time to ditch your fall coat (and we're not talking about the one hanging in your closet). Use a shaving oil and a sharp razor to make your legs look and feel silky smooth. Stubble is not sexy.

Exfoliate Your Stems

Your skin might be more parched than ever right now. Slough off dry skin, boost circulation and fight cellulite with a coffee-infused body scrub.

Give Your Gams A Glow

A tan can make you look toned, even if you skip the gym every now and again. This BB cream for the body not only gives you a glow but also blurs imperfections like blemishes, bruises or spider veins.

Roll Away Annoying Bumps

Cellulite is underlying fat deposits caused by lack of muscle tone and poor circulation. Women of every age and weight can have cellulite and it requires more than just working out. By gliding your body over a foam roller, you increase circulation, reducing bumps and dimples.

Give Them A Lift

With an anti-wrinkle blend of hyaluronic acid, omega oils, caffeine and a botanical firming complex, this cream helps tighten, tone and promote youthful-looking, model-worthy legs.

Fake Flawless Skin

Age spots or varicose veins are almost impossible to remove permanently, but you can hide imperfections with makeup. This aerosol bottle dispenses a full-coverage formula that makes your legs look flawless and imparts a golden glow. And no, it won't smudge on your clothes.

Create A Long, Lean Look

Just like you would highlight the high points of your face to create a more sculpted and defined look, you can do so for your legs. Blending an oil or shimmery lotion down the center of your limbs will create the illusion of longer, leaner stems.