5 Ways To Get Rid Of Summer Acne

Waking up to a massive breakout is the worst, but it is especially painful when it comes in the middle of the hot, humid and sweaty summer season. As soon as we feel a big zit forming under the surface of our skin, we go into a total frenzy searching for the best way to get rid of it. While there’s not an instant cure for acne, there are great tools and treatments that can drastically clear up skin overnight.


Acne Avengers

Whoever thinks acne is only designated to the teenage years is seriously misinformed. As many of us have come to realize, it is, in fact, a very common adult issue. Fortunately there's a new miracle treatment, known as blue light therapy, that has been used for decades in dermatologist's offices—and, now, via at-home devices. "Blue light is a safe, natural and FDA-cleared method of reducing breakouts very quickly, thanks to its ability to attack the source of acne at the root. There are specific wavelengths in the 405-420nm band of light that starve the acne-causing bacteria of oxygen, forcing them to die off quickly and without any discomfort to the patient,” said Imran Karim, founder of Trophy Skin. Use the BlueMD Blue Light Therapy device daily for best results.

It always happens that we wake up to mammoth-sized blemishes the morning of an important presentation or a big date, right? Well, before you pile on that foundation, use an ice cube to shrink the swelling. The shock of the cooler temp will constrict the vessels and make the bump get smaller. Place an ice cube in a clean paper towel and apply it directly to the inflamed area for ten minutes. Follow with a topical treatment like Tammy Fender Clarifying Dermagel to prevent future breakouts.

We’re all about multi-masking, especially when the condition of skin is less than ideal, but we advise you to be careful so you don’t overdo it (a breakout is bad enough without creating flaky skin, too). To treat and hydrate complexions, we layer Renee Rouleau Rapid Detox Masque, which kills bacteria and stops acne, and Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask to provide hydration and leave our skin pure and radiant.

If your daily skincare routine still isn’t eliminating active acne, it's time to fight from the inside out. Our go-to remedy is a daily dose of a probiotic (acidophilus) followed up by a shot of apple cider vinegar. This combination will reduce redness and inflammation, and allow for faster healing by balancing pH levels and eliminating the bad bacteria that causes those pesky pimples.

On those days when you face painful cystic bumps, instead of reaching for more concealer, call your derm for an emergency cortisone session. This involves injecting each underground zit with cortisone, which works to calm and reduce inflammation. After the visit, apply a salicylic acid, like Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel Exfoliant, to completely banish the breakout in under 24 hours. A shot averages about $100 a pop (without insurance).