How To Fight Off Oily Skin

If you already deal with an oily canvas, summer’s sweltering heat is probably sending you into full panic mode. While primers and powders save face at the start of the day, you seem to resemble a grease pan by mid-afternoon. Mattifying makeup products are essential, but the ultimate regimen for beating a shiny complexion starts with skincare. Here, we’ve tapped natural-skincare guru Tata Harper for tips on how to tackle oiliness once and for all.


Say Good-Bye To Shine

Start With An Exfoliating Cleanser In The Morning

"Always exfoliate in the summertime when sweat and time outdoors can lead to extra buildup. After cleansing, apply essence liberally and apply serum while skin is still damp. Finish with eye cream and you're set! If you need extra moisture, add a few drops of face oil to your serum."

Don't Skip The Moisturizer

"Make sure your skin is hydrated! It can be tempting to skimp on moisturizing products if you have oily skin, but you just produce more oil to make up for lack of hydration. Switch to a mattifying version or a lighter liquid moisturizer in the summer for a less heavy feel and to avoid buildup."

Choose A Non-Greasy Sunscreen

"Sunscreens are often greasy because the minerals need to be dispersed in lots of oil. Suntegrity works best for me and feels much lighter than many other formulas."

Touch Up Throughout The Day

"I always keep a travel-size bottle of Hydrating Floral Essence handy to spritz on—it's cooling, refreshing and helps revitalize your makeup. Blotting papers are great at absorbing oil so you don't have to pile on extra makeup. If you use powder to mattify, spritz some essence on top to prevent skin from looking powdery or dry."

Don't Be Afraid Of Oils

"Believe it or not, oil balances oil. Oil cleansers and face oils are really regenerating—it's good to give your skin that support, especially when you're exposed to sun, heat, sand or wind during the day. They're best used at night in the summertime. The girls on my team with oily skin swear by the Nourishing Oil Cleanser. It removes grease but leaves skin soft and hydrated so it doesn’t get over-dried and go into oil overproduction mode."

Use An Exfoliating Mask Often

"A resurfacing or exfoliating mask treatment three to four times a week will ensure your skin is smooth and glowing. Nothing ruins a matte look like visible dry patches or buildup. Afterward, dilute your other skincare product in your hands with an essence and apply together in a thin layer."